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A&L series schedules - fall 2016

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* Honors Forum Events

National Theatre Live

* Honors Forum Events


* Honors Forum Events

Pre-Performance Talk Series

* Honors Forum Events

Art & Design

* Honors Forum Events



* Honors Forum Events

Philosophical Fridays

* Honors Forum Events

Digital Archives


World Civ Film Series

War & Society Roundtable


Interdisciplinary Investigations

* What is an Honors Forum Event?


HON 321 is a one-credit class open to all Southern Miss students that allows them to earn college credit by attending university-hosted events, from plays, concerts, and dance exhibitions to lectures in the sciences, humanities and social sciences. Students are required to attend three official University Forum lectures, and then choose other events based on their own interests. This course is repeatable up to eight semesters, which means students can earn credit, support Southern Miss, and attend fun, interesting, and intellectually challenging events all at the same time.


For more information on HON 321, please visit the Honors College website.

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