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We asked our A&L Ambassadors to answer a few questions: why they chose Southern Miss, why they like their major, what they do for fun, and what advice they have for our newest Golden Eagles. Check out what they said!

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Thanks for visiting the College of Arts & Letters Ambassadors web pages! We are a diverse group of students committed to helping others learn about what Southern Miss and A&L have to offer and to serving our university community. We hope you find this website a great place to start exploring our college, including learning about who A&L Ambassadors are and what we do plus discovering A&L’s featured classes, campus events, photo galleries, and much more!


student questions?

We’re happy to answer any questions new or potential students might have, but to get the ball rolling, check out our answers to our four most commonly asked questions:



Understand why each of us chose Southern Miss as the place to study. Determine what major is right for you, so that you can join us. Discover how we define campus fun to get a feel of what life is like as a Golden Eagle! Receive timely advice to help you adjust to college life and make the most of your education.


If you have questions about how things work in the College of Arts and Letters or whether Southern Miss is right for you, please fill out our Ask-An-Ambassador form. We’ll send your question to one of our A&L Ambassadors, and you can expect an email reply within a couple of days.

So whether you are a prospective student, a curious parent, a member of our Golden Eagle family, or a representative of our Hattiesburg or Gulf Coast communities, we would love to hear from you. Let us share our story today! And don’t forget, there’s nothing more satisfying in a story than a happy ending. Why don’t you discover your happy ending and do it—now!

So…who are we? A&L Ambassadors!


We are students from the College of Arts & Letters who were selected in a competitive process to represent our departments and serve as student leaders in our college and university.


The purpose of our program is to demonstrate school spirit and a commitment to service across our campus and beyond. We take extraordinary pride in pursuing a liberal arts education because our college is unique in bringing together creative arts, humanities, and social scientific pursuits. We come together to read, research, dance, debate, perform, draw, write, communicate, make music, explore the human condition, learn about our society and other cultures, prepare for the future, and work on addressing some of the most challenging problems facing our communities and the world.


So…what do we want? To tell our story!


Our story is about anthropology, art, black studies, communication studies, creative writing, dance, English, foreign languages, graphic design, history, interdisciplinary studies, journalism, military science, music, philosophy, political science, pre-law, public relations, sociology, theatre, women's studies, and more. These fields are the “timeless disciplines,” meaning they will be around forever! Our story is an exciting one, and as with any good story, we don’t mind telling it over and over and over again.


And when do we want to do it? Now!


We are eager to share our story with you and to help jumpstart your own. The College of Arts & Letters at Southern Miss has a reputation for outstanding programs taught by award-winning faculty.


Our college will not only prepare you for your first job, but we'll provide you with a  transformative educational experience that will change the way you look at the world and prepare you for a rewarding career where you have an opportunity to make a difference.



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