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USM is a close-knit community

Southern Miss has one of the best design programs in the region. It is also close to my hometown! I enjoy the campus environment. Although we have a large student population, USM is a close-knit community. Every professor and student I have met has a great attitude and pride for the school. And you can’t ask for a better spot to study than on the Honors House porch swings surrounded by oak trees.

Felt like home to me

Southern Miss felt like home to me, between the historic buildings and the overall atmosphere, I was sold. When I'm not in the LAB, which is where I spend most of my time, I'll usually be found in the SGA office. My favorite part about Southern Miss is the community feeling.

Excellent academic programs

I choose Southern Miss because it was almost exactly what I was looking for in a university. Southern is not so big that you get lost in the crowd, but not so small that you feel like everyone knows everyone, and we also have excellent academic programs (especially in the liberal arts), a very important consideration for me. My favorite place on campus in the Speaking Center and my favorite thing about Southern Miss has got to be Golden Eagle football!

Beauty and diversity of the campus

Southern Miss stood out amongst the other universities that I applied for because of the beauty and location of the campus. Southern Miss is the perfect distance from my home in New Orleans to where I could’ve had the full college experience but still be able to see my family from time to time. My favorite thing about USM is the diversity of our campus and the constant opportunities for me to make a difference.

I loved what I saw being performed on stage

I chose Southern Miss because of its dance program. I came to High School Dance Day, loved the classes and the professors and what I saw being performed on stage, and knew that it would be a good fit for me. Actually, Southern Miss was a part of my family even before I decided to come here. My older sister went to Southern Miss, so to me it already felt like home.

It felt like the place I was meant to be

I chose USM because it felt like the place I was meant to be. I fell in love with the family feel that students, faculty, and staff exhibit. USM has every aspect that someone could look for: high academic programs, interactive student life, endless opportunities, and so much more. You cannot possibly miss the Southern Miss spirit and the pride that is an innate part of everyone who comes on campus.

One of the best history programs in the state

I chose USM not only because it was close to home, but because it has one of the best history programs in the state. The library is one of my favorite places to think, study, and talk with friends. One other aspect that I enjoy is the amount of help offered by the faculty. I always have access to help when I'm on campus from professors who are more than willing to help me succeed.

Someone always willing to help

Although I visited a couple of other schools, Southern Miss was the best fit for me. I love the atmosphere of the campus and Hattiesburg. Throughout the entire process of applying, someone was always willing to help and answer my questions, which is still one of my favorite things about Southern Miss.

My favorite place on campus is the Intermezzo, which is a place for music majors to sit between classes, talk to friends, study, or have a snack.

High academic standards

I chose USM because it was the best fit for me: big but not too big, focused on high academic standards, known for training teachers, and not too far from home. However, it also had a lot to do with the people here. Everyone wanted to help me as an individual. Southern Miss stood out as a potential home. My favorite place on campus is the porch swing of the honor house because my favorite thing is the open and friendly environment.

A more personal college experience

My classes are small, my professors are personable, and connecting and networking is incredibly easy on this campus! I grew up in a very small town, but transitioning to Hattiesburg was absolutely no problem. There is so much to do both on campus and around Hattiesburg, and Southern Miss is in the perfect college town! My favorite place on campus is the brick wall outside of LAB, he perfect place to soak up some sun while reading!


Opportunities for students

I chose Southern Miss because of its friendly campus, atmosphere and people. I knew I wanted to study abroad for a semester before I entered college, and Southern Miss has some of the best international programs in the state. My favorite place on campus is the courtyard across from the library. It's one of my go to study places. My favorite thing about Southern Miss is the diversity of its students and faculty and the opportunities it provides to its students.

Beautiful campus

Honestly, I chose Southern Miss based on my major. However, the beautiful campus, respectable faculty, and community of Hattiesburg were a plus. One of my favorite places on campus is the grounds behind the Theatre and Dance Building. It is always comforting to see a familiar face. USM isn't a D1 school, and for that, I am thankful.

Hub City love

I chose Southern Miss because I love the Hub City. It's the perfect place to go to school and still be able to travel home and see my family regularly. My favorite place on campus besides the LAB is the library.

I always feel welcome

Southern Miss and Hattiesburg have definitely become my second homes. With intimate class sizes, friendly faculty, and outgoing students, I always feel welcome inside the "hallowed halls" of Southern Mississippi. When I leave campus, I always have a great time touring Hattiesburg's exciting food, art, and music venues. The free concerts, outdoor recreational activities, and exquisite restaurants ensure that you can never be bored in the Hub City!

USM is where I am supposed to be

Southern Miss was the obvious choice for me. Both my parents graduated from USM, and I'd always had it on the list. When I realized that I wanted to be an English teacher, and found out how highly ranked USM's teacher program is, it rose to the top of the list. Everything since has only confirmed that USM is exactly where I was supposed to be. Scholarships fell into place, I've made the most incredible friends, and campus has become my home.

Felt like home

I chose to come to Southern Miss because out of all the other schools I visited, Southern Miss felt the most like home. Although I spend most of my time in the Theatre building which is basically my second home, but if I had to choose another place on campus that’s my favorite spot, I’d choose the Fountain in the middle of campus because there is something always going on there no matter what day.

Ultimate frisbee!

As boring as this sounds, I chose Southern Miss because of its proximity to my home. I started here when I was 16 and my parents did not want me to go too far away from home! What has not been boring is my experience at Southern Miss. In fact, my favorite thing about the school is the plethora of oppor-tunities to further interests and increase my enjoyment of the time I have spent here. My favorite place on campus is Centennial Lawn. I have played many games of ultimate frisbee  on that lawn!

Atmosphere made me feel at home

I chose Southern Miss because of its excellent programs, per-sonable teachers, and allover atmosphere that made me feel at home. My favorite places on campus are the fountain in the middle of campus and College Hall. The fountain means a lot to me for that is where I told my boyfriend yes to dating him! College hall holds my major and I spend most of my days there but it feels like home, especially getting to relax on the rocking chairs in the front after a long day of school.

Sense of community

I chose Southern Miss because I loved the sense of community I felt when I visited and for the opportunities that Southern Miss offers its students. My favorite place on campus is the McCain Library because it houses the archives at Southern Miss and it is where I have conducted most of my research for my honors thesis. There are so many interesting items there!

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