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I have grown so much

I choose my majors because I have always enjoyed public speaking/debate and I desire to learn foreign languages. I love my majors and have grown so much as a person. Each one has given me experiences that I never could have imagined. The professors in both departments are some of the best instructors that I have ever had and they have challenged me in more ways than one. Some of my favorite classes have been Advanced Public Address, Interpersonal Communication, and Reading in Spanish.

Bringing stories to life

I chose to be a Theatre major because I love telling stories and bringing them to life onstage for everyone to see. I love how theatre practitioners collaborate with each other to create splendid works of art; without collaboration, there would be no show. If I had to choose a favorite class, I’d have to say Beginning Movement because it is fun learning about the spectrums of motion that an actor or actress posses and how they enhance a performance.

Pursuing both my dreams

I love music. I have always enjoyed both performing and teaching, so double majoring provides me with an opportunity to pursue both dreams. My favorite part of my major is always being surrounded by people who share my dedication and love for music. My favorite class is my lesson each week. I have the privilege to learn from someone who has had the experience and success that I hope to have one day.

Faculty passion and dedication

One of the vital reasons I chose my major was the faculty. Individually, they show their passion and dedication to our success which has created a team that has showed my classmates and me the true meaning of teamwork. They have also created a family aspect within our community. I enjoy how close my peers and I have become over the past four years and our abilities to work together.

Communication is what makes us human

The use of symbols to find and share meaning is one of the primary distinctions between humans and animals. I chose Communication Studies  because I wanted to study the techniques people use to find and share meaning in the world. Not only have I gained a better knowledge of human communication, but I have also picked up a few tips on how to persuade, debate, and even deceive others (ethically, of course)!

Freedom to express ourselves

Prior to graduation of high school, I knew I wanted to major in graphic design. This form of art, built on communication and technology has always interested me. I appreciate how the graphic design program at Southern Miss operates. Our professors grant us the freedom to express ourselves and hone our skills in our favorite areas. Our classes  are smaller, allowing for greater interaction with professors and developing friendships that will last a lifetime.

Transporting myself into the past

History has always been one of my favorite subjects. Reading and transporting myself into the events of the past is exhila-rating. I wanted to be able to share that excitement with my students and studying to become a teacher will not only help me to educate students but to encourage them, also. What I like most about my major is the number of courses available. From Ancient Greece to the Old South, I never find myself bored. The Civil War was one of my favorite classes.

Interacting with others

I chose Communication Studies  because I have always been interested in finding ways to successfully interact with others. My favorite class that I have taken so far is Persuasion. I was provided the opportunity to study many elements that make advertisements and speeches effective in convincing others to take action. The availability and encouragement of the faculty members are the main reasons why I have enjoyed my studies with this department so much.

Sharing my knowledge with others

I had an amazing English teacher in high school; one day I realized that I wanted to be her! English allows me to read the most beautiful and important thoughts in our language, and licensure will give me the credentials to share my knowledge with others. My favorite class so far has been Dr. Hauer's History of the English Language class. Fascinating! It's so important to understand our language as a part of ourselves.

Intellectual curiosity

I choose my majors because they are in line with my career goals and I have a passion for the topics. History has always fascinated me, and I believe it is impossible to understand the world of today without under-standing the world of yesterday. Politics is something I have always been interested in—and hope to be personally involved in one day—so Political Science was a natural choice. Finally, I love reading great literature, so I added English out of intellectual curiosity and the joy of education.

Traveling to incredible places

I knew I wanted to go into medicine when I entered college. Instead of majoring in a science field, I decided to major in two fields I loved and knew I would enjoy doing. I also knew that speaking a second language and being able to write proficiently would really help me as a physician. I love Spanish and journalism because they're very versatile fields and have provided me with countless opportunities to meet wonderful people and travel to incredible places.

Never a dull moment

I chose my major because I love to communicate a creative atmosphere and unique ideas with others. I branched off from there and wanted to initiate these ideas through brands and marketing to help promote and create campaigns that would not only be captivating, but leave long lasting impressions on others. My capstone was a hands on scenario of what PR will be like in the real world by giving me the opportunity to work with a real client throughout the semester.

Studying what I love

I love Interdisciplinary Studies because I get to study what I love and work on research projects as an undergraduate. My favorite classes are political theory and British literature.

Seeing things the numbers can't tell you

I've always been interested in behavior and why people do the things they do, and Sociology provides a way to study using quantitative data to create a visible pattern, but also relying on a qualitative approach to see things that numbers can't tell you. I've loved deviance, gender, and my theory courses thus far!

Never a dull moment

My ultimate  goal is to work in international human rights advocacy. My Spanish major will be instrumental if I choose to work in Latin America. My Criminal Justice and Psychology degrees will apply directly to advocacy on behalf of victims of human rights violations such as sex trafficking and political oppression. I really enjoy learning about the histories and cultures of Latin America. In fact, my favorite Spanish class so far has been my Latin American Culture class!

Top-rated program for teachers

I knew when I graduated high school that I wanted to be an English teacher. This played a large role in my choice of university, since USM has a top rated program for teachers. Once I got into my classes, I only fell in love with my major more deeply. I've gotten to take some incredible English classes with the most amazing professors! But my favorite class was focused on adolescent lit: I got to read books that I would have read on my own at home for class work.

Studying abroad

I chose International Studies because I am fascinated by the world around me! I love studying different cultures from around the globe and how they react with one another. I fell in love with my Religion and French Language courses and ended up declaring a double major. Both my majors en-courage study abroad, and I have studied in both France and India. I love the College of Arts & Letters because it allows you to choose several different subjects and blend them together seamlessly!

I couldn't stop dancing

I chose to major in dance because I couldn't stop dancing! It was such a big part of my life and such a huge passion that I knew I would have to keep doing it long after graduating high school. I  decided to study dance at college because I was curious about my art form and wanted to learn as much about it as possible before going out into the world and sharing it with others. My favorite classes are my technique classes but I've also enjoyed Dance History and Dance Composition.

Learning about other cultures

I chose Anthropology because I love learning about the past and other cultures and their practices. The best thing about my major is the faculty, they are all willing to help students with any problem. My favorite classes were Biblical Archaeology because we learned about the archaeology of sites related to the bible and the period and Survey of Archaeological Methods where we studied the methods archaeologists use to learn about the past.

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